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Why Alpha Ranger can be your second home wherever you go? 

This ultra-thin 7”, sturdy, and lightweight RTT is made with high quality honeycomb aluminum material, along with our unique Diamond Sandwich Fabric, and other customized features making Alpha Ranger more like a second home that goes wherever you go. Detachable roof Racks can Hold up-to 125 Lbs. 

Mach 1 Series - Park n Pop in 1 minute

The Alpha Ranger boasts a quick setup time of 1 minute or less. Identify your spot to camp, connect the ladder, unlock the tent, and push it open halfway – The Gas struts take it from there and open up the tent for you. Your second home is ready!!! 

Camp-Hauler Series - Detachable Roof Racks

Need to carry additional cargo on top of your roof top tent? Our Alpha Ranger comes with a roof rack system that can support upto 125 Lbs. These models are long and wide enough to give proper support to most gears such as Bikes, Kayak's, Snowboards, Ski’s, or even a cargo box. 

The Alpha Ranger has T-slots on the shell which can be used for hanging your solar panels, additional light for the outside, or even mounting other accessories!!! 

Strato – Space Series – When you need more room!

Alpha Ranger fits 2 to 3 full size campers or 2 full size campers and 2 Jr. Campers so you are able to enjoy camping with bigger groups. Our Strato-Space series is designed to make more room to accommodate that extra camper and Alpha Ranger is 57” wide giving ample space to fit in. We have storage slots on the tent walls and ceiling which helps us utilize the floor space to its fullest!


Wafer Thin Series - for ultra-thin Roof top Tents!

Alpha ranger is only 7” high and is almost 35 to 40% thinner than regular tents. These products with their low profile, helps to reduce air resistance on highways and is also a wonderful solution for those who are concerned about the height restrictions such as entrance to parking lots or garages.

Diamond Sandwich Fabric - Tri-Layer 

Our unique Diamond sandwich fabric utilized for this tent makes this a core 4-season tent which has much better heat retaining capacity than most tents in the market, 6000+mm waterproof rating, and 50+SPF rating to keep us safe from the soaring sun. This makes our Alpha Ranger a true Canadian -climate friendly tent and helps you enjoy the camping experience through all 4 seasons. 

X Trail Weather Guard - Adding Comfort and Confidence to camping 

We utilize high quality aluminum materials for the shell which adds strength to our rooftop tents and instills confidence to use them in all climates. Our roof top tents are second home to our campers and it is not complete without a good quality sleeping pad. We provide you with a high quality 4 cm memory foam mattress and wrapped it with our 3D mattress cover which is moisture proof and breathable, making room for a sound and comfortable sleep. 

We provide full size shoe bags which can be put up on both sides of the entrance – you don’t have to remove your shoes before you climb the ladder, and you don’t have to carry those mud-covered shoes into the tent. Shoe bags are weather-proof, has Velcro covers, and the water & sand drain pattern at the bottom will ensure you are able to keep the shoes and sandals dry even if it is raining while you take a sound sleep.

What comes along with it? 

Mounting hardware including U mounts, screwdriver, level, and ratchet spanner. 

Detachable LED Lighting that will light up your second home with in-built Lithium ion battery. The LED lighting has been carefully chosen such that it has 3 light modes, gives ample lighting, and consumes less energy, to make the camping more energy efficient. 

We also provide a 2.6M self locking telescopic ladder which is detachable and light weight.

Product Description: 


    Shell        |        Black

   Fabric       |        Dark Gray

Capacity : 2 to 3 Full Sized Campers

Application : Four Seasons

Closed                              : 82 x 57 x 7 In
Open                                : 82 x 57 x 47 In
Net Weight                       : 128 Lbs
Packaged Gross Weight   : 160 Lbs

⦁ Honeycomb aluminum plate 1.2 mm thickness
⦁ 280G Polyester cotton canvas Diamond Sandwich fabric
⦁ Waterproofing 6000+mm
⦁ Ultra Violet Protection rating (UPF) 50+
⦁ Stainless steel Gas struts
⦁ 4 cm memory foam mattress
⦁ Moisture proof 3D mattress cover
⦁ No See-um Mesh cover for doors and windows
⦁ Telescopic Ladder - 2.6 M
⦁ Shoe bag
⦁ USB LED Light with 3 light modes
⦁ Detachable roof Rack system

 Roof Rails

Additional Accessories for this specific Product:

Mounting gear – The Alpha Ranger has a detachable Roof Rack system which can be put on and taken off based on needs. These Mountable roof racks has a capacity to hold up to 125 Lbs. 

Please note that these roof rack cross bars are custom built for Alpha Ranger Roof Top Tents and may not be compatible for other products. Please review the compatibility or reach out to us for advice 

Set includes:

Mounting clips x 4 pieces
Nuts and bolts as required
2 Roof cross Rack bars measuring 60”