Proudly a Canadian Corporation, FSR X TRAIL is here to revolutionize the camping industry and help you achieve the freedom of thought to camp anywhere without the horrendous tasks associated with it. We are here to make your experience as it is intended to be – to relax, unwind, and enjoy the camping.

The name FSR X TRAIL evolved from the admiration for the beautiful back country Forest Service Roads (FSR) which are havens for campers and explorers and the TRAIL's leading to those camping locations are as mesmerizing as the location itself.

When choosing roof top tents, we see your commitment towards this lifestyle of camping and enjoying the wilderness. Hence our roof top tents are designed and customized to be a long-term companion for those camping trips. We have invested hundreds of hours in developing customizations for these tents to elevate the camping experience for our fellow campers in terms of comfort, safety, and satisfaction.

We have roof top tents for everyone's needs and our primary focus is to get you a comfortable second home wherever you go. All our tents are designed specifically for Canadian climate with our Diamond Sandwich fabric that helps retain heat much better than regular fabric in colder climate and yet are breathable for the warm summers.

With the FSR X TRAIL line up of tents, you will see there is one suiting everyone's need.

What we deliver to our customers:

Mach 1 Series – for added Convenience!

If you are looking for ease of setting up and taking down the tent at the camping locations, we have the Alpha Ranger, Beta Ranger, Zeta ranger, and our Gamma Warden - all easy to setup tents with each unique model having a setup time of 1 Minute or less.

Camp – Hauler Series - To carry that X-tra luggage!

Need to carry additional cargo on top of your roof top tent? Our Alpha Ranger has an optional roof rack system that can support upto 125 Lbs. Our Beta Ranger comes with an optional roof rack system that can support upto 100 Lbs. Both models are long and wide enough to give proper support to most gears such as Bikes, Kayak's, Snowboards, or Ski’s.

Strato – Space Series– When you Need more room!

Our Kappa Master is specifically built to accommodate more campers under one roof and compared to regular tents that run between 47” to 52”, Kappa Master boasts a whopping 70” width which can easily accommodate 3 to 4 campers. We also have our Alpha Ranger, Beta Ranger, and Zeta Ranger as other good options which gives you between 57” to 61” width, good enough for 2 to 3 campers and comes with the added advantage of being Mach 1 series tents with setup time less than 1 minute.

Wafer Thin Series - for ultra-thin Roof top Tents!

Apartments/Condos/ or even the Garage would make us want our tents to be as thin as possible to make it a hassle free drive in/drive out experience. We have the perfect solution for you – Alpha Ranger and Gamma Warden are our two low profile tents with Alpha ranger lower than 7” and Gamma Warden as low as 6”. These tents are almost 30 to 50% thinner than regular tents that range 10” to 12” high when closed. These products with their low profile, helps to reduce air resistance on highways and is also a wonderful solution for those who are concerned about the height restrictions in the location where you live.

 Astro-night Series - Star Gazing has never been better

Our tents not only help you stay warmer at night but also gives you options to stay warm inside and still enjoy gazing at the gorgeous starlit night sky out in the middle of nowhere. In hard top tents we have the Zeta Ranger which comes with standard rectangular moon roof while in the soft top tents we have the Kappa Master which has panoramic sky windows designed for you to gaze at the sky be it rain or shine, day or night.


                               We welcome you to our FSR X Family.