Shipping Terms & Conditions

*shipment delays are expected due to the pandemic and lock-down/restrictions we are facing at the moment.

As our customers and prospective customers are spread across the continent, we are not able to identify the cost for shipping these tents until we know the exact location as we prefer to deliver our tents to the curbside of your home or building to make it a hassle-free experience for which we require 2 business day to confirm your order. We currently run the $ 225 flat shipping charges to our customers to all major locations in Canada where our freight forwarders have service. While $ 225 is not the actual cost, in almost all cases at the sole discretion of FSR X TRAIL CORP., we do absorb the difference and try to make every customer's purchasing experience a happy one. 

We cover all major cities across Canada except for the locations in Nunavut, Northwest Territories, and Yukon. If our freight forwarders are not able to provide service to any location in any part of Canada or is identified by FSR X TRAIL CORP. as "not a financially feasible option", within 2 business days we will reach out to the purchaser to discuss other possible delivery options. Our primary alternate shipping solution would be to identify the closest hub of our vendors where our purchaser can pick up the tent at no additional cost. Once the order is placed and at the sole discretion of FSR X TRAIL CORP. the shipping arrangement or alternate shipping arrangements is not considered a feasible option, or if an alternate shipping arrangement provided by FSR X TRAIL CORP. is not found feasible by the purchaser, we would process a full refund to the purchaser within 2 business day from the day we get the purchaser's confirmation on the same. 

When placing orders, please ensure you provide a physical address and not a P.O Box address. If yours is a unique situation, please reach out to our support team so we can discuss and find solutions together.

USA Customers – please reach out to us at to see what options we can provide to get our products to you at the most nominal costs. Once we get your information, we will work with our vendors to find the most optimum solution to deliver the products to you and this will include all paperwork for shipment and customs clearance. International shipments may cost you additional charges, taxes, and/or duties. 

We personalize our experience for each customer of ours and will tailor our options that best suits our customers needs.

How do I track my shipment?

Once we confirm the order, we ship out our products within 2 to 3 business days. We will email you with the invoice and tracking information, so you are able to get updates directly from the freight forwarding company. Though shipping time cannot be guaranteed, we usually see our product reaching our customers in the window of 7 to 10 business days from date of shipment, but you may receive it a little delayed or much earlier too.

What should I do when my shipment arrives?

To ensure our customer's products are safe and handed over to the right person, we require the purchaser to sign and confirm receipt of shipment. Our freight forwarders will call you to schedule the delivery of your shipment and be prepared with your ID's for the freight forwarder to verify who you are. You should ensure you inspect the shipment for any visible damages before you sign off on the receipt of shipment. When you sign off on the receipt of shipment, you confirm that you have received the products in good shape and without any damages and release the freight forwarder from any obligations if the product is damaged while in transit. Our products are insured while in transit and the insurance will protect the shipment if we raise up any concern before we sign off on the receipt of the shipment. For protecting our customers from any unwanted confusions, before we hand over the shipment to our freight forwarder, we test and complete a 27-point inspection to ensure our tents are in perfect quality without damages. So, we expect you to do the same level of due diligence when accepting the consignment. 

The products are shipped on pallets and the freight forwarder will unload the tent out of the truck at the closest point besides the truck. So please ensure you have enough manpower to take the tent from there to your garage/home. Delivery personnel may be friendly and may offer to help but are not obligated to do so. When the freight forwarder calls you to fix day/time for delivery, you can ask them for more clarity on how accommodating they can be.

  1. Once the product is unloaded from the truck, you need to look for visible tampering or damages to the packaging if any and note them on the receipt you will be signing off when accepting the shipment 
    1. If you find the packaging is in good condition, sign off the receipt and take a picture of the signed receipt for your reference
    2. If you see signs of damage or tampering to the packaging, take detailed pictures of your finding and note them in the receipt before signing it, once you sign - take a picture of the receipt with the findings and signature, and share it with us immediately to our email address: 
  2. Our freight forwarders are friendly customer service-oriented teams but for any reason if they ask you to sign first and inspect the packaging later, please advise them you need to verify the product is in good shape before you accept the consignment
  3. You do not have to pay any extra charges while taking delivery of our goods. The invoice we sent you and the payment you have processed is the only payment with regards to this purchase you had to incur. If any such situation arises that you are asked for any additional payments, please contact our customer service team for immediate assistance

You have just completed and acquired your passport to camping and officially become part of the FSR X TRAIL family