FSR X TRAIL partners with AMICI

Amici Camping Charity (“Amici”) is a registered charity established on the belief that all children have the right to discover their full potential. Through multi-year access to the unique environment of summer camp, Amici fosters growth and lifelong skills in children, ages 7 - 17, from families with financial need. 

It all started in 1966, when a few teenage campers saved enough money over the years to pay for one young boy to have his first camp experience. Over time, Amici has supported more camping experiences each year. And, as donors and believers in the power of camp came on board, Amici’s programs have grown significantly. In 2019, 300 children attended camp at 44 Ontario Camps Association accredited camps. 

Camp inspires an appreciation for the Canadian wilderness at a time where young people's exposure to the natural world is in crisis. Ensuring kids remain connected to nature helps them appreciate its value and increases their affinity to preserve our natural world in the future. 

FSR X TRAIL is proud to partner with Amici Camping Charity to get children back to camp in summer 2021! 

Impact Stories: 

No one can describe the impact of camp better than an Amici camper. Here are a few quotes from campers who have experienced the life-changing magic of summer camp: 

August 2019 was without a doubt the best month of my life. I accomplished many things that pushed my limits and threw me out of my comfort zone. There was not a day without fun and excitement. I made a lifelong family at camp and learnt skills that I not only carried through the month but I will be able to carry throughout the rest of my life. Improving my leadership skills with the people I love was and always will be the best experience of my life and I would not have been able to do it without the generosity of Amici. So thank you times a million for the best month of my life! There really are no words for my gratefulness. Thank you for introducing me to my home away from home. It changed me for the best.” 

“Camp has become an important part of who I am and has allowed me to learn more about myself. Each year at camp keeps getting better, with more friendships made, more self development and more of a sense of belonging. Camp has evolved from being a summer experience, to my second home.” 

“I don’t remember a time when I felt so happy.” 

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